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New customer setup guide

Welcome to Squirrel Hosting and thanks for joining our lovely community of Squirrel Hosting members. It's nice to have you with us.

Since you've just joined us, we've put together this 'Getting Started' guide to help you decide how to proceed. You can follow the steps in order or you can have a quick read through and decide which bits are useful to you. These are just suggested guidelines to help you get set up.

Record your renewal date
Step 1 - Record your renewal date

We strongly recommend that you note down your hosting and domain renewal dates in your calendar. Although we do send you renewal reminders close to your renewal date, you should not solely rely on these as they could go in your spam folder.

We do not do auto renewals so that you are not charged if you do not wish to renew.

How to submit a support ticket
Step 2 - How to submit a support ticket

The following guide will show you how to contact support (if needed). This will be useful if you get stuck following any of the instructions in this setup guide. The support ticket system will also be something that you may use alot while you have hosting with us. Due to this, it's worth reading the guide and familiarising yourself with the system.

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Changing your nameservers
Step 3 - Changing your nameservers

If you have bought your domain name with us, no further action needs taking on this. However, if you already have a domain name that you bought with another company, you will need to change the nameservers. Changing the nameservers will make sure that your domain name is pointing to us and not your previous registrar. You can view our nameserver information here:

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Email Setup
Step 4 - How to set up email

This is something that you may be eager to get set up straight away. You can create multiple mailboxes easily in your control panel. You can then easily access your emails via our webmail system or by downloading them to your device. You can follow our guide on how to set up email here:

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Installing a CMS via our 1 click installs
Step 5 - Installing a CMS via our 1 click installs

If you already have your website files and would like to upload them, you can skip to step 6. If you would like to install one of the CMS' that we offer a 1 click install script for, all you have to do is the following:

Log in to your Squirrel Hosting account.
Navigate to 'View / manage your hosting' and click on it.
Click on the eXtend control panel icon for your hosting package.
Scroll down to CGI scripts
Choose the CMS / e-commerce script etc that you would like to install
Click on the appropriate icon and follow the onscreen instructions

For more in depth instructions for installing a particular CMS system, please search our blog:

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How to upload files
Step 6 - How to upload files

You may want to upload a website / files on to your shared hosting. This can be useful if you already have a website, have one that was created / coded from scratch or want to upload additional files that you can't do via your CMS admin.

To upload your files, you can either use a FTP program or our file manager. This guide shows you how to do both:

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Explore your control panel
Step 7 - Explore your control panel

Now that you have completed the above steps, it's really up to you what you do next. We have lots of guides in our blog section that may help you along the way

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There is also a support database in your control panel. You may want to familiarise yourself with the eXtend control panel as this is where you will be able to perform a lot of useful actions.

To access your eXtend control panel:
Log in to your Squirrel Hosting account
Click on 'View / manage your hosting'.
Click on the eXtend control panel icon.

Visit Extend Control Panel

Enjoy your fast new hosting
Step 8 - Enjoy your fast new hosting

We hope that this 'Getting Started' guide has been useful. If you need any further assistance, please open a support ticket.